North....West... South...East Our trip - halfway round Australia

Australia, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Nullabor, Kimberley, Pilbara

Week 7

Monday 24 August 2009  DAY 43

 Today is Recovery Day - for both of us!  No more walking today, so we drove out to Knox Gorge, Joffre and Weano Gorges.  These were fairly short walks and great views out over the gorges. We were pleased that we decided not to walk into these gorges as we heard that they were fairly tough and  they had to do a "Tarzan:-style" rope swing across the river and then cling to the rock wall ledge like a spider  - don't think I would have made that!!  On the way back we stopped at another lookout only to discover we had a flat tyre so it wasn't such an easy day after all for Ron. Now we will need to get it repaired or replaced at Tom Price or Exmouth so will do some phoning beforehand when we have phone coverage - this has been a nuisance throughout the trip - thanks Optus for telling us we would have cover almost everywhere we were going!!


Tuesday 25 August 2009  DAY 44

Packed up again after a lovely stay and left Karijini for Tom Price to get our tyre repaired although it looks as though it will be a new tyre.  Tom Price is a small town but very well kept with green picnic areas right in the town.  We had to get two new tyres here so spent a few hours waiting for them to be fitted - it is a thriving business here and they don't need to be particularly friendly to the tourists as there aren't any choices.  We were on our way again and stopped at Paraburdoo to check our tyre pressure then on to our rest area for the night at Beasley River.  This was a great spot and after we settled in we took our drinks over to the campfire and after dinner everyone had a chat and one chap had his guitar so he entertained us for a while.  We felt a bit better after a good night with these friendly people as our Tom Price stopover had hurt our pockets a bit - we now have 4 new tyres but Ron isn't keen to go on any dirt roads now.

Wednesday 26 August 2009  DAY 45

On the road again and heading for Exmouth.  We stopped for fuel at Nanutarra LPG $1.169 cpl.  The weather is a bit cooler today but still nice and warm.  The scenery on this leg of the trip is quite boring, so much of the same without much variation, and very flat.  We arrived in Exmouth about 4 pm and decided to ring the caravan parks to see where we could get in.  Decided on the Ningaloo Lighthouse Caravan Park about 20 km out of Exmouth.  After setting up we did our 'walk around the park ' and came across a family from Adelaide who we had met in Tom Price and Ron was able to give him a copy of our fuel spreadsheet as he thought it was pretty good as it works out all the details of usage etc.  


Thursday 27 August 2009  DAY 46

Drove  up to the Lighthouse and saw some whales - this is our first sighting of them so stayed a while as there were quite a few, then back into Exmouth to get a few supplies and check out the Visitor Centre, usually our first stop when we arrive anywhere.  There are a lot of small bays with lovely beaches not far off the road.  Jansz Beach was one where some lads were windsurfing which looks a lot of fun.  Drove onto the Turtle Centre (Jurabi Centre) but its not nesting time till November. Decided to go back to the Lighthouse which is just above the caravan park, to do some more whale watching.  This time we came with champagne and some fish and chips to watch the sun set and it was a lovely way to end the day, but we weren't alone as this is the place to be at sunset.

Friday 28 August 2009  DAY 47

Today we packed our lunch and headed for Ningaloo Marine Park and Cape Range National Park which is right at the tip of the peninsular.  Had lunch at Yardie Creek and went for a walk along the beach and to the crossing where the creek runs into the sea and then for a walk along the top of the gorge. We saw a little wallaby just on the track here and were so close we could almost touch him - this is what we love about our travels into these little places. Stopped at Turquoise Bay and The Oyster Stacks and then back to the caravan and just a quick trip up to the lighthouse to see if the whales were there - but not many close by tonight.


We left Exmouth and headed for Coral Bay.   It was very busy here and the parks were full so we decided not to stay overnight but had time for a Glass Bottom Boat Tour.  This was much better than we were expecting and the numbers of fish were amazing although the coral was fairly colourless as the water is warmer and the reef is close to shore but it was still very interesting to see and was like a garden underwater.  The Bay is  a pretty spot and the water such a bright blue but the wind was really blowing here and think its best to move on.  Stopped overnight at Minilya River rest area. This was a lovely area by the river (another dry river) and we chose a nice spot at a good distance from others but by the time we had put on the kettle someone had put their car and tent almost on our bumper bar!  Can't understand why people have to be so cosy when there is plenty of space for everyone but it has happened a number of times on this trip.

Sunday 30 August 2009  DAY 48

We arrived in Carnarvon mid morning and are surprised at the size of the town although everything here is closed on Sunday.  We had a drive around and bought some fruit from the roadside stalls as there are large plantations of bananas and other tropical fruit.  As we have internet connection here I have been able to catch up on the last few weeks.  While I am doing my computer diary Ron is busy washing all the red dirt off our van with a small bucket as it is the first chance he has had as water is very precious out here.

If you thought we have gone 'AWOL"  we are back in civilisation again (i.e internet)!!!

I will put some photos in the Gallery section as it takes too long to put them into the diary section.