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Week 11

Monday 21 September 2009  DAY 71

We all had a slow start today as we had a bit too much to eat and drink last night.  The weather is not so good today with a lot of wind and dust blowing.  First stop was Nundroo lPG 80.9 cpl.  Nundroo is only a roadhouse and  we arrived  just after the storm had hit the area so it was a bit battered and wet as well as the poor cyclist who was attempting to get his gear organised after the rain!  It is amazing how many cyclists we have come across, just don't understand why they want to do it as it would be very lonely and extremely difficult but I guess some people need a challenge and maybe some time alone. Went through the Quarantine Station just before Ceduna but we had used up all our fruit & vegetables.We arrived in Ceduna ,  booked  into the caravan park at Shelly Beach which was very good.   Ray & Barb had passed us on the road when we had stopped for a coffee break but unfortunately neither of us had seen the other so they were all set up by the time we got to the CP but it wasn't long before we were enjoying another drink and then checked out the facilities at the park and had a walk to the beach behind us.


Tuesday 22 September 2009  DAY 72

Last night was really windy and a bit of rain so we decided to spend the day in and around the town and had lunch at the Foreshore Hotel, then drove around to Laura Bay and watched the huge waves, on to Thevenard and bought some oysters and prawns for dinner so we are looking forward to our very fresh seafood.  Ceduna is a nice town but the weather was so rough we couldn't really walk around so hopefully tomorrow will be better.


Wednesday 23 September 2009  DAY 73

We decided to pack up and leave Ceduna and head for Streaky Bay.  We had a walk up the jetty but still very windy but not raining today yet.  Had morning tea at Smoky Bay then onto Streaky Bay.  We were lucky to get our caravan sites right on the sea front here so had a bbq tea and watched the pelicans arrive and of course the seagulls and as the wether was pretty good we were able to sit outside for a while.  This caravan park is another very good park and I really like to have good views from our windows without vans too close and this was perfect as the sites allowed for van and parking alongside for a car and a boat so it was really spacious, and absolute seafront - couldn't ask for more!


Thursday 24 September 2009  DAY 74

This morning the weather was a bit windy and some rain so we all drove around the coast to Cape Bauer and the Blowhole and Whistling Rocks.  This was a great place with walkways to both places so we were all very impressed as it was so easy to get to them.  The sea here was really rough and the blowhole and whistling rocks were amazing.  After lunch we drove around to Speeds Point, Smooth Pool and The Granites.  These were good spots  for wave watching and the weather was better so we could walk around and have a good look at the huge waves and even saw a pod of dolphins.


Friday 25 September 2009  DAY 75

Left Streaky Bay and on the road to Coffin Bay.  The wind has come back today so driving has been a bit difficult with the vans.  Stopped at Elliston for luch and drove around to the clifftop sculptures.  The weather made for some really good surf and from the cliff tops it was a good view.  Stopped at Murphy's Haystacks along the way, they are huge granite outcrops so had to take a few more photos here but the weather was so wet and windy here we didn't stay long.  Arrived at Coffin Bay and settled into the caravan park.  Had a very wet and windy night here.


Saturday 26 September 2009  DAY 76

Drove from Coffin Bay to Port Lincoln and is a lot bigger now than we were here last (about 20 years ago).   Had a look around then back to the caravan park as it is footy grand final and a bbq at the park but as we're not big football fans we didn't bother to join them but they sounded like they had a good time.  We did a bit of tidying up - a never-ending job as things get out of place very quickly and there's not much room to spread out in.    Had our usual at "bar o'clock" then our dinner and a few more drinks while we decided on tomorrow's schedule.


Sunday 27 Septembeer 2009  DAY 77

The weather is again not the best for walking around so we had lunch at a very nice Italian Restaurant in Pt Lincoln.  As I have not had internet reception for over a week and cannot even get it in the caravan park, we drove back into town and at the present time I am sitting in the car  with a lovely view of the town jetty while I finish my diary. One thing we have learnt from this trip is that Optus don't have cover in many places at all and when our contract is up we will be changing.  Even in Port Lincoln the cover is only in the town itself not even in the caravan park which is only a few km's out.   We are coming to the end of our fantastic holiday and have some very mixed feelings, we are really looking forward to seeing the family and although the phone calls are great its not the same as being with them, especially the littlies, and we just can't wait to give them and get lots of hugs and kisses.  Three months is a long time to be away from them but we have had such a wonderful experience and could never have done it in less time and can understand why some people go for years,. as you can never see it all.