North....West... South...East Our trip - halfway round Australia

Australia, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Nullabor, Kimberley, Pilbara

Week 10

Monday 14 September 2009  DAY 64

Today is very warm and sunny so we might have to get the shorts out again.  Before we set off on our sightseeing I thought I would do some laundry again as the weather is so good but I was a bit late and all the machines were being used, this is always a problem at caravan parks as they don't always have enough machines or clothes lines.  Instead I decided to do some grocery shopping as this might be our last big town where prices are good, so off to Coles for some bargains!  We need to stock up on nibbles now as we are meeting Ray & Barb in Nullarbor so we'll be having lots of drinks and nibbles while we catch up on things back home.  We also need to stock up on alcohol as we've almost gone through our supply brought from home - its been difficult getting through it but we've done our best and we really can't remember drinking much of it although we did have to throw out our 2 casks of Chateau Cardbord as the heat got to it!!  After the shopping and the laundry we went up to the Super Pit mine site where they were going to blast so we thought that would be exciting.  We got there in plenty of time but already everyone was lined up and anxiously waiting for the siren to signal the blast and countdown.  Poised with my camera the blast shook the ground and the cloud of dust went up and we got our photos, it was all over so quickly I felt a little cheated but we may go back tomorrow for another blast but they don't blast every day so we'll wait and see.  After lunch we went to the Mining Hall of Fame.   What a great place this was, a huge new building on several levels and outside a Chinese Rememberance Garden and this was  all set in an actual mine site dating back to the early 20th century with buildings etc. of the time.  Inside they were showing a film of Herbert Hoover who came to Australia to streamline mining operations here, and then later became President of the USA during the Depression.

Tuesday 15 September 2009  DAY 65

Drove out to the  Ghost Town of Kanowna but all that remains is the cemetery so went on to the mine site of Kanowna Belle Gold Mine- another huge hole in the ground but this one had underground mining.  Back to Boulder to look around at the old Station and then to lunch at the Exchange Hotel back in Kalgoorli as this one is definitely the "prettiest"  hotel here.  Had another walk around Kalgoorlie mainly to walk off our lunch and then back to the caravan to get organised as we are leaving here tomorrow. 


Wednesday 16 September 2009  DAY 66

Packed our van and decided to have a look at the WA Museum in Kalgoorlie so went for a coffee as it doesn't open till 10 am.   After waiting a while we rang the number on the sign at the Museum only to be told that WA Museums don't open on Wednesdays - this will have to wait till our next trip now!  Our first stop is Kambalda which is a mining settlement with nothing much else except accommodation and services for the miners.  Norseman was our next stop but again a very small town and nothing open so we had lunch at the BP roadhouse.  The weather has been pretty good and we stopped at 10 Mile Rocks for our roadside stop.  This was a great camping area with plenty of room and many trees so we got the campfire going and made a damper with cheese and olives which was very good as it got quite cold by nightfall.


Thursday 17 September 2009  DAY 67

Left our lovely camp spot at 10 Mile Rocks after a walk around as there were some lovely trees and birds here.   Next stop was Balladonia for fuel LPG 1.049 cpl and had a  look at their small museam which had the remains of Skylab which was found in the area.  Stopped overnight at Baxter roadside stop.  It was a quiet spot and not many people camped here and the area  had only a few trees.  This was about half way along the longest stretch of straight road in Australia.


Friday 18 September 2009  DAY 68

Not much of interest along the road here, low scrub and no trees.  Stopped at Caiguna for fuel LPG 99.9 cpl and again at Cocklebiddy LPG 99.9 cpl and Madura LPG 99.9 cpl. Stopped overnight at Jillah Rockhole which was another good spot with not many people but a lot of flies and dust blowing.


Saturday 19 September 2009  DAY 69

We were on the road again and our first stop was at some water tanks but unfortunately no water available so went on to Mundrabilla but couldn't get any LPG.  Up the road we were stopped by the Police doing a licence check and breathalyser but we were ok on both counts.  Next stop was Eucla for LPG at 98 cpl.  Arrived at Nullarbor about 3.15pm.  We knew that Nullarbor was going to be pretty bare of vegetation but were still surprised at the caravan park - absolutely no trees just white gravel with power supplies and a fee for the showers and they charge $24 per night for the service.  On arrival there was only 2 other caravans but in the next few hours the park was completely full.  The light aircraft taxied around to its parking area and the helicopter flew in  before dusk so that was our night's entertqainment.


Sunday 20 September 2009  DAY 70

Today we are meeting Ray & Barb so I got organised and made some date scones for morning tea as we anxiously awaited for them.  It was great to see them and after they settled in we all went out to see the whales.  This was much more interesting than we thought it would be as we were able to see about 14 and some with their babies.  The Interpretive Centre was good and there were walkways right down to the viewing area.  We spent ages watching them as some weere breaching but most were just lolling around keeping us amused.