North....West... South...East Our trip - halfway round Australia

Australia, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Nullabor, Kimberley, Pilbara

Week 3


 Copperfield Dam, Pine Creek

Monday 27 July 2009  DAY 15

  We left the caravan park at about 10 am and on the road to Pine Creek.  We stopped here for a look around as it is a very small little one shop town but with a bit of history.  Drove up to Copperfield Dam as it sounded a good place for a lunch stop, but after the turn off to the dam it was a dirt road but not really too bad with corrugations but once on it we couldn't turn around so we kept going hoping the picnic area at the dam would be worthwhile.  There were a few vans camped above the dam but very hot and dusty.  The dam itself was quite small but whad our lunch overlooking the water which was very pleasant and some other campers were enjoying the views too.  Back down to the main road and onto our next overnight stop at Adelaide River.  We had a look around and decided that the nice tropical looking park behind the BP roadhouse was the best one so we saw "Bob" in site no. 1 and paid him our money.  What a lovely little park this turned out to be with a swimming pool as well and a bar and restaurant.  We went for a swim and then a drink and decided to have one of their specials - a Barra Burger - equally as good as the one at Daly Waters.  


In the bar area was "Charlie the water buffalo" - the star of Crocodile Dundee - and he was magnificent although a bit stuffed!


 Tuesday 28 July 2009    DAY 16

 Left   the caravan park at Adelaide River and decided to look around the town and the war cemetary and found a distant relative's gravesite.  It was a beautifully kept park and garden area with peacocks wandering around and well worth a visit.



We then went to the Railway Precinct which was a well kept area with many WW2 and railway exhibits.  We were given a lot of interesting information by the couple who ran the museum and would love to come back in another 12 months as they have a lot of new exhibits waiting to be displayed and were going to re-open the railway line to Snake Creek - an underground munitions storage area from WW2.  


Our next stop was Batchelor and we booked into the Batchelor Resort Carvan Park.  Everything now is very tropical and we are parked under some lovely tropical trees and palms - it is very green and relaxing here.    We then drove out to the Litchfield National Park.  First stop was  Wangi Falls and  we walked to the lookout and back again to the pool below the falls where everyone was swimming but a bit crowded for us.  The falls were beautiful but the area was very busy with tourists. Drove to Rum Jungle lake and We then onto Tolmer Falls and a short walk to a lookout platform.  These were beautiful too and  quite a few were swimming under the falls and jumping off the rocks.  We were thinking about going back to the caravan but saw a turnoff to The Lost City so decided to go and have a look.  This was a rough dirt road 4WD only but not too bad and when we got there it was an amazing group of rocks that really did look like a lost city so it was well worth the drive. It was then back to the caravan for a shower and a drink.       

Rum Jungle lake 

Wednesday 29 July 2009   DAY 17

This morning we drove out to Buley Rockhole.  This was another lovely swimming hole with waterfalls and several smaller swimming holes.  We decided to go on to Greenant Creek as we had been told that this was spectacular.  The sign said a 3 km walk so we set off with our swimming gear, lunch and water.  The first 500 metres was pretty easy going with a walkway and good path through some lovely palms and the creek.  As we got further in the path became very rough and steep and eventually we were up on the top of the ridge on a very rough track and finally came to the waterfall.

 It was well worth the walk even though I was pretty hot and aching and amazingly we were the only ones there.  Had our lunch and found an easy place on the rocks to get into the pool which was lovely and clear with the water flowing into it above us, and flowing out below the rockpool into a huge cascade of water.  It was amazing but the photos don't really show how it really looked.

Thursday 30 July 2009   DAY 18

We left Batchelor and arrived in Darwin before lunch.  Got ourselves organised at the

caravan park and drove into the city

to have a look around.  Darwin is avery modern city as it was almost completely rebuilt after Cyclone Tracey.  It has a very tropical feel and  there are palm trees and banyan trees everywhere.  We drove to the wharf area and will probably go back there to have a seafood meal as it looks really good.  We also went to the Mindil Beach Night Markets which were fantastic.  There were food stalls of every description, lots of jewellery and other interesting crafts, plenty of music and loads of people.  There was such a good atmosphere and the sunset was amazing so I got some good photos. 


Friday 31st July 2009  DAY 19

We went to Casuarina Shopping Centre as we wanted a backup  battery for my camera.  This turned out to be a more difficult exercise than planned but eventually we found a shop that had one in stock and a good price too.  We drove around to Cullen Bay which is a very pretty area and then after lunch we visited the Historic Aviation Museum.  This was much more interesting for me than I thought it would be.  

We had a tour of the museum by a very informative guide who explained the B52 bomber which was displayed.  There were a lot of war planes that Ron was particularly interested in and he was able to get a lot of photos.


 Saturday 1 August 2009  DAY 20
 The weather again is lovely and warm and we are gradually getting used to it.  We had another quick look around the Mall this morning and then drove around the Esplanade area to look at the war memorials there.  We then went back to Stokes Wharf for a seafood lunch overlooking the harbour.  We enjoyed our Barramundi and a glass of wine and were wondering whether we would do anything else as it was so pleasant sitting there.  However, we decided to see a few more historical buildings as most of Darwin was destroyed by cyclone Tracey but one we found was Lyons Cottage which housed some very interesting photos of early settlers and prominent people in Darwin.  Then we came back to the caravan to get organised for our move on to Kakadu tomorrow.

Sunday 2 August 2009  DAY 21

Fuel Darwin BP 76.9 cpl 

This morning we left for Kakadu Naational Park.   On the way we stopped at Fogg Dam which has a lot of birdlife and of course Crocodiles.  The sign at the beginning of the road across the Dam told us not to leave our car as there was a Crocodile that was being a nuisance (?).  Well we didn't see the croc and we only walked to the lookout area to view the birds.  It was well worth our drive here as the birdlife was amazing and we also managed to see a water python at the edge of the water.  We then drove on to another visitor centre "Windows on the Wetlan" which again was very well worth the look.  We did a Jumping Crocodile cruise on the Adelaide River and saw many more crocodiles very close up - a good cruise and we saw more crocs than expected.  We stayed the night at a small caravan park at Bark Hutt Inn.  A really good little park with everyone very friendly and a lovely swimming pool which we really enjoyed at the end of a hot day.