North....West... South...East Our trip - halfway round Australia

Australia, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Nullabor, Kimberley, Pilbara

Week 12

Monday 28 September 2009  DAY 78

We left Port Lincoln and headed for Cowell where we will meet Ray & Barb as they had some supplies to get and they are able to travel faster than us.  We had a quick look around Tumby Bay which is a really nice little town and then on to Cowell.  Barb had already got her oysters and had even eaten some while the fisherman unloaded the boat with her really fresh ones so we were soon back on the road to Whyalla for lunch and to fuel up again LPG 51.3 cpl.  From Whyalla we drove to Wilmington where we will spend our last 2 nights.  Arrived in Wilmington and as we could choose any spot we wanted in the park we took ages to decide the best place as we wanted to have a campfire and were only allowed to use existing fireplaces - a bit different to other places but not a problem as there were quite a few and not a lot of vans but a few more came in after us.  We got organised and Ray hunted out some extra wood while Ron unloaded the lot he had got on the roadside a while back.  I made some damper in the camp oven so while we waited for the damper we had our drinks and then we all sat down to some nice hot damper.  It will be very interesting to stand on the scales when we get home - don't think I want to know! As we were sitting around the fire a possum came wandering along looking for some food - this has always been a feature of this park and we were pleased to see these lovely little animals. 


Tuesday 29 September 2009  DAY 79

Had a lovely morning not doing much at all.  Went for a drive out to an abandoned caravan park just out of Wilmington - what a pity it had gone broke as it had once been a lovely park but now it had been wrecked and all the facilities had gone.  The town of Wilmington is beautiful and we were pleased that they have restored some of the old buildings and it is looking much better than when we were last here which was a few years ago although we have come here many times over the years with the kids when we used to go camping.   Had another campfire tonight and cooked a roast beef in the camp oven with lots of vegies - this was the finale to our trip Halfwayround.  What a wonderful trip it has been and it has been great to have Ray & Barb with us over the last 10 days - its always better to have some friends to have a drink with!  Our other little friends came out tonight to see what food we had so we gave them some special treats from our dwindling food supplies - managed to find a banana, some apples and some peanut paste.  Before long we had two babies with their mothers running down the branches and they were taking the food from us and would even let us pat them. 


Wednesday 30 September 2009  DAY 80

We packed up this morning for the last day of our trip home.  Its a bit sad but we are looking forward to seeing everyone again and it will be nice to be back in our house.  We said goodbye to Ray & Barb as they were stopping off at Port Pirie to visit an aunty there, and we wanted to get home and get unpacked as there will be a lot to do once we are home.  

We arrived home and it was great to turn the corner into our street and see the house looking so good, but now the work begins and the holiday is over!  We have been away 80 days so we can now say we have been HALFWAY ROUND IN 80 DAYS!  

Some interesting statistics of our trip -

Total km travelled 16,346 km

Litres of fuel 4,786.7 ltrs

Cost of fuel  = 27 cents per km/29.55 ltrs per 100 km/ 10.56 mpg/ 3.74 km per ltr

When we look back to when we were planning our trip we thought 3 months would be plenty of time to see and do everything there, but now we know that we have only seen and done a very small portion of it and we felt at times we were having to move on and not stay as long as we would have liked in some places so that we would be able to get home on schedule.  I can understand how some people just keep travelling around as there is always somewhere else that you want to see, but for the time being we are happy to have done our trip and it is good to be home among family and friends.

 I hope everyone has enjoyed reading of our travels. The best part of  a web diary is that you don't have to keep reading it if it you think its boring - just turn off the computer - and I won't be offended!  

We are looking forward now to catching up with everyone and hopefully hearing about your plans for some travelling somewhere and may be we'll be able to read your web diary.